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This Album contains photography capturing some of Colorado's most wonderful models and other photography of interest from around the world. 

"I use large thumbnails so when in an album, still click the thumbnail to get full sized images".

All photographs and images in this gallery / web site are Copyright Nigel Aves - Soft Focus Imagining and may NOT be used for any purpose unless permission has been granted from said owner.


Just a smattering of comments that have been passed my way over the years, youngest to oldest.

"Nigel is a great person to work with. He's respectful, and didn't make me feel uncomfortable whatsoever. Which is highly important for the type of shoot we were doing. The photos came out wonderfully! He is an awesome photographer!" - Moonche

Nigel - "I just had time to look at the pictures I am so pleased and happy at how they turned out I cant wait to get the cd so I can have them. Thank you for the experience of working with you" - Tamara

Nigel - "I LOVE them!!" - Elisha (two explaination points. WOW)

Nigel - "I love them." - Fletching

Nigel - "I love how the pictures came out. They're awesome." - Ningyoo

Nigel - "Thank you for the pictures nigel they're sooooooo amazing" - Coral Amber Lambert

Nigel - "They look awesome! Thank you so much I can't wait to work with you again!" - Ms.AshleyKay

Nigel - "I love them. They're so awesome and I like the look and natural feel" - Andi Force

Nigel - "Awww thank you Nigel! I couldn't ask for a better photographer...well more like friend smile" - Caitlin McGee

Caitlin - "probably the nicest thing a model has ever said to me" - Nigel

Nigel - "SO happy! Awesome work!" - Victoria Shaughnessy

Nigel - "You are my photographer!" - Caitlin McGee

Nigel - "thanks again

Nigel. "your awesome!" - Ste-V

Nigel - "It was wonderful working with you tonight!! I really liked SO MANY!! You did a totally awesome job!! Thank you!!" - Tangel

Nigel - "Your a great photographer with a fantastic eye. You made my first nude modeling experience really laid back and comfortable and I couldn't have asked for anything better." - Anastasia Danger

Nigel - "Once again, you did a great job with our photoshoot!! The shots came out awesome!! Best wishes to you!!" - Tangel and Tracie

Nigel - "OMG THEY LOOK SOOOOOOO GOOD EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! im so happy you did such a wonderful job!!!! thank you so much!!" - Misfit Toy

Nigel - "I absolutely loved all the pictures they look amazing" - Barbie Beltran